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Presenting Our Premier Plant Harvesting

Premier Plant Harvesting™ is taking only the very best of the plant for the production of the finest product. We use a “Farm to Table” approach in crafting our small batch artisan hemp products. We nurture our specially chosen hemp plants using bio-dynamic farming. The best nutritionally rich soils, mountain clear water with no artificial fertilizers or pesticides to ensure the healthiest plants at every stage of growth. Our Hemp is grown in the mountains of Colorado and we are regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture followed by 3rd party testing.


Our very best for your best

Our detailed ecological extraction method captures the naturally occurring, bio-active compounds which are the hemp plants most valuable oils. It is this oil when captured in its most purest form which holds the best benefits for you. We offer an array of hemp oil dosages in a multitude of products and we use only the healthiest carrier oils for great combinations. We’re proud to present our unique line of products. 

No batch is made without the proper test guarentee the product is made right. We can’t guarentee the product will help you, but we  can guarentee the product is made with the very best ingredients we can find and make for you.

You can find our test results here!

Colorado Hemp Institute


We offer a 10% discount on our products to all Veterans, active duty military, and seniors. 

Please call 970-285-9797 to place your order. No discounts on our Spa Collection as it is already discounted.

Colorado Grown Colorado Hemp Institute

Colorado Grown 

All of our products are grown and made in Colorado.

Colorado Hemp Institute Hemp Industries Association

Hemp Industries Association

We are a proud member of Hemp Industries Association.